Some Jobs are "Ruff"

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

One of my favorite clients, Jim Bates at Red Dirt K9s, raises the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen. His variety of Poodles and Doodles are simply stunning.

When I met Jim, he had hired two marketers and so called experts from website building groups. However he was seeing no return investment or struggled in getting his website updates in a timely fashion. His website is forever changing as new litters of dogs are born and puppies are purchased.

The first thing we did was sit down and get to know each other. Listening to his past experiences and current struggles, we were able to devise a plan to make his website a selling machine. Although Jim had spent some time on his website, it lacked many important functions to make it appear in search engines and to make it appealing to the eyes.

After we updated the look and keywords, Jim is receiving daily mails for people signing up on on the wait list to have a Red Dirt K9 Doodle or Poodle. His business is growing but he is doing less work. Prior, Jim would work to sell the dogs after they arrived. Now, they are sold before they are conceived.

I have to say when Jim first contacted me, I was a little worried about working with a breeder. I hate the idea of a puppy mill, but when I went out to meet Jim, his family, and all the dogs and farm animals, I was excited to share his farm life and business. Jim is a dog breeder with ethics and morals, as am I a marketer with vales and limitations of the businesses I agree to help.

I love watching his website perform so well, but not as much as I love playing and doing website photos and videos with the puppies.

Grow On! 🤘

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