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Oklahomans Empowering Oklahomans

For Immediate Release

October 29, 2020

Please contact Libby Ross with Ross & Roll at 405-999-0949

Challenges to stay open have haunted Oklahoma businesses and organizations this year. Not just for-profit brick and mortar companies but nonprofits are also suffering. This year is a financial trial for individuals, for-profits, and nonprofits alike.

Small businesses are struggling to learn to sell their products online. Charities are closing their doors with a lack of event and fundraising opportunities. An increased number of individuals are seeking the help of nonprofits with a lack of resources available during the pandemic.

Sadly, when our charities start to suffer, individual Oklahomans suffer too. This is why we could not be more proud to launch Sample Oklahoma in 2020.

November 1, 2020, at 6:30 pm via Facebook, a new Oklahoma resource, Sample Oklahoma, is opening their “doors” for Oklahomans to come together to empower one another. Sample Oklahoma is a virtual community where nonprofits and for-profits join forces to benefit and grow within the Oklahoma borders.

Our former Governor Brad Henry once said “Resilience is woven deeply into the fabric of Oklahoma. Throw us an obstacle, and we grow stronger…We must give Oklahoma families the opportunity to thrive and prosper. We must give all Oklahomans the tools necessary to pursue the American dream…” The team behind Sample Oklahoma is a resilient group of entrepreneurs, creatives, and Oklahoma based small business owners committed to serving their communities and neighbors.

The vendors for Sample Oklahoma are Oklahoma businesses vetted by our staff to ensure quality and Okie roots. Sample Oklahoma then markets and sells these products of the small businesses online via our website. We also offer a Sample OK subscription box. All proceeds are then shared with Oklahoma nonprofits, such as the Single Parents Support Network, who in return individual Oklahoma families reap the benefits. It’s a full circle of mutual prosperity from vendors, nonprofits, and customers!

Sample Oklahoma is Oklahomans empowering Oklahomans.

To learn more please visit If you have an Oklahoma based business and are interested in becoming a proud vendor at Sample Oklahoma please contact us at 405.415.7743 or via email at

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