Become a "Thumb Stopper"

Content is Key.

Content is King.

Content is a MUST!

Your content is your chance to show and grow through your expertise and knowledge.

But not all content is created equal. You need to strive for content that inspires, informs, and instructs people.

To be a true success on social media, you need to be a "Thumb Stopper." If they just scroll on through, your content is worthless. Your content is actually hurting you! Your Facebook & Instagram is not for what YOUR business needs, it is what your customers, clients, and patients want.

Are they looking for tips, tutorials, or perhaps life changing knowledge? Give the people what they want!

As technology would have it, the days of 'word art' is gone! Technology has surpassed the marketing edges of WordPerfect, today we get use our smart phones and apps to capture what our followers are looking for. Luckily because of that, content does not have to time-consuming or costly to your business.

Videos are more engaging and simply get more clicks. Why? Videos have the ability to tell a story and offer a visual that can immerse or "take you there."

Let's use a seaside bed and breakfast for an example.

In a few photos, you may capture a stunning sunset along the beach, the beautiful local cut flowers that decorate your rooms, and a beautiful front shot of your newly remodeled outdoor seating area and BBQ pit. Sounds gorgeous, right?

Let's see if we can do better...

In one video, we could capture all three of the same scenes, and allow your future guest to hear the waves crash as the sun sets, to hear the breeze blow through the trees in your outdoor kitchen with smoke rising from the BBQ, and to see a happy couple fall into your ever so comfy mattresses with the colorful cut local flowers sitting bedside.

All that missing here, is a little smell-o-vision with sea salt air!

As you can "see" (double pun intended) videos trump photos when it comes to content!

There are basically two types of video content, raw and refined.

Raw video content is pure, honest, simple, and can easily be used on social media 2-3 times a week. This includes going Live on your social media accounts to share news or offer a Q&A. If this absolutely scares you, our content creation and coaching services are just right for you! We will get the ball rolling for you so you can successfully create and post your own engaging content for years to come.

However, there is also a time and place for well refined videos that are polished & edited. This could include a how-to or tutorials that are smooth and easy to follow. These types of videos can be key to success and a great way to please Facebook, Instagram, and Google algorithms. What kind of content do you need help creating?

Last tip for today, never waste good content. Content can be reformatted to work across all your platforms. If you are a DIY Marketer for you business or a owner-operator startup who simply doesn't have a budget for marketing, be sure to show equal love to all your platforms. People often forget to treat Google My Business like a social media platform. It may not be as social, but it is equally important to post fresh content often.

Grow On! 🤘

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