6 Benefits of Having a Website For Your Small Business

Updated: Jul 5

Should I invest in a website? Can I just run my business off social media and Google?


  1. Consumer trust

  2. Your website is your online digital face. Having a custom website gives your business a level of professionalism that may separate you from the completion. Integrated properly with social media, branding becomes an organic process.

  3. Lead Generation

  4. A good website generates leads for you. Even during the wee hours of the night, while you're dreaming, information can be left to follow up on. This also helps compile an email list for email marketing. This also goes for selling on an e-commerce platform. Make money while you sleep

  5. Simplify Workflow

  6. Your website should work for you. A built-in CRM or order processing is a tool that should not be overlooked when you design your site. The backend of your website should be a workhorse for you.

  7. Targeted Ads

  8. When it's time to run ads, you need a website to help you retarget your audience. A website gives you an opportunity to install Facebook pixels, a must-have in targeted ads. This also goes for analytics and data.

  9. Save Money

  10. Having a website to direct people to, keeps your business from having to print out your entire business model, products, and services each and every time. Now a simple QR code is all you need to direct a person to your site, and they print nicely on a business card.

  11. Be Discoverable

  12. You can't always be where your consumers are, but being online solves that problem. People are with their phones, so make sure your website is optimized for mobile use.

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