5 Marketing Must Haves For Small Business Owners

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

If you are in marketing or just a DIY Business Owner, Welcome to my marketing must-haves!

1. A GREAT Camera. The Mirrorless Sony a6000 or a6100 are the best cameras on the market, in my opinion. They have phenomenal features, apps, and record stunning videos. The timelapse is one of the best tools to capture content that tells a story and is engaging. If you want to hook up an external mic, grab the Sony a6100 in the picture.

This camera can also be integrated with your computer for vlog and zoom meetings to create an amazing depth of field. Look fabulous even from home!

I love taking photos of my child playing sports and my travel adventures. This camera has been a game-changer for me, professionally & personally. I think this camera can be loved by a beginner or a long time hobby photographer.

2. Photo Apps. Apps can make a difference for the DIY Business Marketer. If professional photography is not in your budget, let me introduce you to Snapseed and Focus. The two combined are like a magic potion for still photos. Grab them both in your app store. The free versions are enough to get by and get started with. Using one or both apps can bring pizazz to the quick phone pics you want to share and are #InstaWorthy.

3. Desktop Cleanliness. This third one is just $10 and I love what it has done for my workspace. A Non-Slip Desk Pad is a mousepad that meets a table place setting to finish out your immediate work area. You can place a plain piece of paper on top to write without leaving marks or the pen not working. Plus the WHOLE thing is a mouse pad and wipes clean. The color choices are a quick way to add a pop of color or inspiration. I think this would travel easily for shared or community spaces as another layer of sanitation and protection. If you like crazy designs and funny prints, this link may be more of your jam!

4. Pack it Up. Being remote and mobile, I need a bag that holds it all & is durable. The Vera Bradey line has been good to me!

The bag I purchased 2 years ago still looks brand new and I give it a lot of wear and tear. In and out of the car, tossed on the couch, laid on the floor here and there, pretty much everywhere!! The computer sleeve inside is a great layer of protection and there are just enough pockets and water bottle holders to keep me organized. This bag is large enough for my computer, camera, (although I do love my camera bag) notebooks, chargers, and personal items.

5. Coffee. Every office needs it! I used to be a Keurig fan until I had a couple of problems with them, one being the high amount of waste, and two is I LOVE my Costa Rican coffee!!! So I made a Ninja MOVE! The Ninja still does cups, travel mug size, but 1/2 and full pot too. It has some specialty brews I don't use much, but I am so happy to have the fresh cups on most days, but let's face it there are days a FULL POT OF COFFEE is needed!! Don't forget your BOSS cup to compliment the BADASS YOU ARE!!!

Keep Growing!!!

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