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Hi, I am Libby, the founder of, Ross & Roll.  I am an experienced WIX Partner that has built dozens of websites. I understand the importance of leveraging your online presence to make meaningful connections.

libby ross (hammerbeck) ross and roll

I’m a creative and talented Website Designer with extensive experience in business operations and entrepreneurship.

Through college, I studied business operations and have held jobs in entire operations settings. Still, I always find myself getting the most joy from the marketing side of the business world. 

I learned that working for corporations is not my cup of tea, and I am proud to be a solopreneur in Oklahoma.  My passion is small business growth and helping people start their new business journey.  


I’ve worked in Oklahoma since 2007 and specialize in creating unique graphics to boost your brand and visual media that will help set you apart from your competition.


I strive to exceed expectations with a commitment to my clients and an extensive skill set, which I am constantly developing.


Contact me to find out how I can create a website with high visual impact to generate the desired results.

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